Webinar: Unravelling the ‘golden thread’ – Navigating information exchange in the construction supply chain

11am Thursday 28 September

The 2022 Building Safety Act introduced the concept of the ‘golden thread’. Owners and managers of buildings are required to hold a comprehensive set of information showing how a building was designed and built. The aim is simple – to reduce the severity of the consequences of fire spread or structural collapse.

This ‘golden thread’ of information must be provided and stored digitally. This means that construction firms face a new challenge – ensuring that all relevant information on their work is passed to their client in a form that they can use.

Join Construction News and Quickbase on Thursday 28 September to discuss the implications of the 'golden thread' for the construction industry.

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Topics to be discussed:

  • What information do construction firms need to pass to clients under the ‘golden thread’?
  • What is the best way to collect and provide the data?
  • What are the implications for main contractors in their relationships with their supply chain?
  • What challenges are involved in collecting and sharing ‘golden thread’ data and how can these be overcome?

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